SEMBLER DEAH "Kaessariah"

from Treha Sektori

Sembler Deah "Kaessariah" digifile.

"Sembler Deah is one of many projects that you will find in the colossal parallel universe that is Church of Ra. If you don’t live under a damn rock, you will know that the mighty five-piece Amenra are one of the central pieces of that institution. Sembler Deah sees Colin H. Van Eeckhout and Mathieu J. Vandekerckhove from Amenra joining forces with the French Dehn Sora from TrehaSektori.

This is the debut of this three-piece, and the promotional flyer gives us a tiny glimpse of what we will find in these 35 minutes, divided into four different tracks. We read on the flyer: “Gathered by a sole ambience. Between ethereal soundscapes. Knotted drones and falls.A three-headed hand surrounding a light in a cold.Engulfing and ardent prayer”."

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Treha Sektori Paris, France

We don't wear masks. We're born with the knowledge of death.

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